How we help

We provide brands and retailers with the insights they need to optimize their shops and reach their full potential.

Order Planning

Order Planning

Reduce stockouts by knowing what should be reordered when.

Smart Assortment

Smart Assortment

Generate new sales by knowing which brands sell well together.

Stock Clearance

Stock Clearance

Increase stockturn by knowing what should be replaced when.


There is no better feeling on earth than having a positive impact on the lives of the people we care about.

Seeing our inventory and bundling with other brands on a daily basis has changed how we think about sales. Not only are we able to anticipate orders, reduce our lead times and increase sales at our current shops, but we also have a stronger sales story for new shops, pitching products backed by data.

Stephanie Additon, CEO
JAVA Skin Care

From the first time we spoke, I learned to look differently at the things my team and I do every day. The impact on our shop performance has been phenomenal. In just 3 months we experienced a 42% increase in month-over-month profit that can be directly attributed to our work with Dashmap.

Sue Benzuly, Owner
Evolve Apothecary & Spa

Dashmap delivers! After only a few weeks, we are seeing the financial benefits of better stock management. Unlike software tools, they actually come out to our shop and guide us through what we need to do. The personal attention and understanding of who we are have made this experience effective and fun.

Christine Mulhall, Co-Owner
The Good Seed Natural Food Market

Dashmap analytical capabilities alone are a game changer. Every time we meet, I see the path more clearly, whether by challenging my thinking or simply by confirming I'm on the right track. But their ability to listen and adapt to our changing needs is what makes our partnership so special and valuable.

Jan Faust Dane, Owner
Stock Culinary Goods

Many firms claim to hold the key to grow local shops' profit. They all sound good on paper but don’t work in practice because they fail to understand our day-to-day constraints. Dashmap gets it. I used to be pulled in so many directions but Dashmap put me back in control to only focus on what works.

Line Daems, Owner
Kreatelier - A Fabric Concept Store

Who we help

We help businesses that bring healthy and eco-friendly products to our world. Because when they grow, everyone benefits.

Natural Brands

Natural Brands

A better world starts with the creation of great products. But in fast-moving markets, knowing what to offer where is not easy. We help brands use their retail sales data to optimize current shops and convert new ones.

Natural Retailers

Natural Retailers

Retail shops have a huge responsibility when it comes to bringing us the best possible products. Unfortunately, product quality is not enough. We help shop owners find paths to profit hidden in their sales and inventory data.

Service Providers

Service Providers

The demands of clients who are used to the e-commerce environment are redefining what service means today. Service providers are under constant pressure. We help them by adding and bundling product sales to services.

What we do

We get your day-to-day reality. Unlike self service tools, we do the data work and deliver the insights you need to take the right action at the right time.


We compile inventory and sales data to compute the cost of stockouts, single-item baskets and dusty stock. We assess how these impact profits by forecasting sales, taking seasonality into account.


We build interactive dashboards to show you which items to restock, when, and in which quantity to maximize profit. We also highlight bundling opportunities and items to replace to increase stockturn.

Growth PLAN

We compile goals, resources, activities, results and benchmarking data to identify your most important growth drivers. Next, we develop and help implement a detailed action plan to reach your goals.


Younes and Anne co-founded Dashmap to bring long-lasting positive impact to local communities. Believing that local stores are the future of retail, the duo aims to help owners build a foundation that will allow their businesses to thrive. The simple yet profound Dashmap framework empowers business owners with greater visibility and control that many smaller retail shops typically lack.


Younes Lattenist, CEO

Younes holds an extensive background in business strategy and international commerce, bringing impact to more than 300 businesses over the last decade. Previous endeavors include co-founding a successful marketing company, TribalVision, with a new model of client service. Prior to that, Younes was a consultant at McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm that serves as an advisor to the world’s leading businesses. His consulting areas included marketing, operations, organization and strategy. Younes holds an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and is a former Air Force captain.


Anne Delmarquette, COO

Anne’s work has touched on every facet of the retail industry. She holds three master’s degrees, in psychology, general management and marketing, respectively. She launched her career as buyer for a European clothing and accessories company. There she became responsible for P&L, sales data and trend analysis, full-cycle retail management, supplier networks, and brand positioning. When her daughters were young, she started her own business as an independent sales consultant. She has also managed national retail accounts like Kroger and Target for well-known eyewear brands at FGX International.



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