Grow yOur Shop

Providing local shops with the guidance they need to grow profit and build us a better world

Local shop testimonials

Dashmap made us refocus on a service we wanted to discontinue and our shop grew by 35% in just 3 months

Yolande Muoio and Sue Benzuly, Owners – Evolve

I used to be pulled in so many directions but Dashmap put me back in control to only focus on what works

Line Daems, Owner – Kreatelier

Your local shop plays a special role in our world

At Dashmap, we believe that communities need local shops like yours to thrive — and that you should be able to access the guidance you need to operate at your full potential. For all of us.

When your local shop succeeds, our neighborhood is better off:

  • Your products are good for us
  • You bring us a unique experience
  • You care for yOur community

The philosophy behind Dashmap’s “Grow yOur Shop” is simple: Your shop is Our shop too.

A local shop that is struggling when it truly has the potential to thrive and fill our neighborhood with goodness is a tragedy. We are determined to prevent that from happening.

Now, more than ever, your local shop is feeling the pressure from national competitors and e-commerce platforms. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you focus on your strengths and leverage sound strategic principles, you can develop your “local shop competitive advantage”.

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Finding paths to profit hidden in your shop data

Your performance, good or bad, results from your activities: some are profit drivers and others are loss drivers. The key is to know which activities are which.

  • How does staff performance impact sales?
  • How does my store display impact profit?
  • Which items are generating bundle sales?
  • Are my stock volumes and orders adequate?
  • Which campaigns am I wasting money on?
  • Where do my best customers come from?

Your success hinges on many decisions every single day. As a shop owner, you wear many hats and deal with a complex reality: a large number of SKUs, diverse customers, seasonality, and so on.

Software platforms are trying to help by providing analytical tools. But this is just another hat to wear, with not enough time for it.

The proliferation of decisions is overwhelming. You need data-driven advice to help effectively manage your limited resources of time and capital. You need to know what to focus on.

We uncover links between what you do and the results you’re getting by analyzing 6 core shop performance dimensions. That’s how we help you focus your limited time and budget on what works. So you can do more of what boosts profit and stop doing what doesn’t.

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Ensuring your time and budget reach their full potential

Your growth program is custom-made based on your needs. Unlike self service platforms, we are doing the data work so you can focus on growing your shop.

Dashmap AUDIT

We compile goals, resources, activities and results data to identify your most important growth metrics and blind spots. We consider how these impact your shop performance and evaluate data sources in your audit report.

Dashmap PLAN

Next, we conduct in-depth analysis and create an action plan to reach your goals. We build performance projections and compare them against goals. You can see the impact of immediate and longer term activities.

Dashmap REVIEW

Monthly analysis ensures you stay on track to reach your goals. We review progress, adjust, and make contingency plans when needed. Together we pilot your initiatives to ensure the desired performance outcome.

Behind the company

Younes Lattenist founded Dashmap, a Rhode Island based company, to deliver large scale positive impact to local retail shops. His simple yet profound Dashmap growth program is designed to empower local shop owners with greater visibility and control.

Younes holds an extensive background in business strategy and international commerce, bringing impact to more than 300 businesses over the last decade. Previous endeavors include co-founding a successful marketing company, TribalVision, with a revolutionary model of client service. Prior to that, Younes was a consultant at McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm that serves as an advisor to the world’s leading businesses. At McKinsey, his consulting areas included marketing, operations, organization and strategy.

Younes holds an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and is a former Air Force captain. He lives in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, with his wife and twin daughters.



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