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Dashmap provides small businesses and nonprofits with a clear plan to reach their growth goals, as well as the tools, resources and guidance to deal with obstacles and stay on track.

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Your roadmap in 1-3 weeks

Sound growth planning has never been more important. We operate on a whole new level of uncertainty. Now is the time to step back and intelligently identify the best ways to protect, stabilize and grow your organization. You don’t have months to figure this out. So, we’ve packed years of growth planning experience into an affordable growth plan delivered to you in just 1-3 weeks. Here’s what you’ll get out of it:

Clarity on how to grow
Why it will work for you
What to do right now
How to track progress
From the first time we spoke, I learned to look differently at the things my team and I do every day. The impact on the performance of our business has been phenomenal. In just 3 months we experienced a 42% increase in month-over-month sales that can be directly attributed to our work with Dashmap.
Sue Benzuly - Evolve
Before Dashmap, my head was constantly spinning and I didn't have the insight to translate my personal and business desires into a real plan, but my advisor listened passionately and did just that! My newfound clarity and focus have me super excited, grateful and confident for the future!
Kim Mendes - Yoreganics

How it works

Your growth plan puts you on track to your goals


We dive into your world and set a clear, realistic target

We research, uncover and outline a clear path to reaching the growth goals you have defined for the next 3 to 12 months. This is a rigorous and data-driven assessment of the growth drivers and opportunities that should be pursued to achieve your goals. We break it down so you can see what each driver will contribute toward your goals.


We plan what you need to do and how to track progress

Next, we expand your growth drivers into strategic initiatives and determine which should be prioritized. We do this in two steps. First, we determine the metrics you should track with each initiative, including how and when to measure your progress. Then, we break down each initiative into detailed tasks with an implementation timeline.


We develop tracking tools and review your performance

The performance of your plan, good or bad, results from your activities: some are impact drivers and others are loss drivers. We build and maintain interactive dashboards to show you which are which and why. Monitoring performance is critical to evaluate your growth efforts and adapt your plan to ensure you stay on track with your goals.

Working with Dashmap has been an enlightening experience. They designed a plan to position me as an expert in the field. And they tied tasks directly to measures of financial success. Most importantly, they’ve helped instill the confidence that I can take the business where I want it to go.
Shane Sauer - Matrix
We knew we needed to change how we operated if we were going to reach our goals. But change can be very dangerous when you have too many blind spots. Dashmap dove into our data and quickly identified changes with the highest probability of success. Now we have a plan we believe in.
Jerry Fortin - Simply Natural

The perfect support to grow your organization

Data-driven planning and reporting that uncover how to reach your goals

Growth Audit

Uncover new growth opportunities

  • Discovery call
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Growth drivers
  • Growth targets
  • Validation call
  • 1-week delivery
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Growth Plan

Prioritize activities and budget

  • Market research
  • Growth strategy
  • Growth initiatives
  • Growth metrics
  • Activity schedule
  • Validation call
  • 2-week delivery
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Growth Tracker

Measure and improve results

  • Data management
  • Dashboard creation
  • Dashboard maintenance
  • Performance monitoring
  • Drivers analysis
  • Growth plan updates
  • Ongoing progress calls
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We stand behind our work

Dashmap comes with a money-back guarantee: If you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund your money.

Many firms claim to hold the key to grow your organization. They all sound good on paper but don’t work in practice because they fail to understand our day-to-day constraints. Dashmap gets it. I used to be pulled in so many directions but Dashmap put me back in control to only focus on what works.
Line Daems - Kreatelier
It is very frustrating to be loved by your customers but have a hard time growing your business. Dashmap has been a game changer for my company. Working with the team has allowed me to really understand my business, make an action plan and move in the direction of success.
Jennifer Neuguth - IamTra

Success Stories

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Growing a business can be stressful and lonely at times. For over a year now, Dashmap has provided me with extremely valuable business support. Any time I face a difficult question, I can count on my advisor to dissect the issue, provide new insights and help me make the right decisions.
Nicolas Jacobeus - Belighted
Before Dashmap, our teams used to spend hours collecting data to get a very static "after the facts" picture of our business. Now, not only data collection is fully automated but with our new interactive dashboard, we can finally focus on analyzing and improving real-time business drivers.
Dave Farnum - Advanced Chemical Company

About us

Dashmap is brought to you by a team of seasoned growth experts and industry veterans with a track record of helping hundreds of organizations reach their goals over the past decade.

Younes Lattenist

Strategy and analytics

Younes holds an extensive background in business strategy and international commerce, bringing impact to more than 300 businesses over the last decade. Previous endeavors include co-founding a successful marketing company, TribalVision, with a new model of client service. Prior to that, Younes was a consultant at McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm that serves as an advisor to the world’s leading organizations. His consulting areas included marketing, operations, organization and strategy. Younes holds an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and is a former Air Force captain.

Anne Delmarquette

Retail and marketing

Anne’s work has touched on every facet of the retail industry. She holds three master’s degrees, in psychology, general management and marketing, respectively. She launched her career as buyer for a European clothing and accessories company. There she became responsible for P&L, sales data and trend analysis, full-cycle retail management, supplier networks, and brand positioning. When her daughters were young, she started her own business as an independent sales consultant. She has also managed national retail accounts like Kroger and Target for well-known eyewear brands at FGX International.

Janice Dru-Bennett

Nonprofit and entrepreneurship

Janice is passionate about helping nonprofits and entrepreneurs change the world for the better. With a politics degree and visual arts certificate from Princeton University, she has led marketing initiatives for companies and organizations, served on multiple nonprofit boards and built startup businesses. Janice has consulted on a wide breadth of topics including healthcare, finance, software, technology, online advertising, media, education, diversity, equity and inclusion, women’s entrepreneurship, mentorship, community building, partnership development, voting methods, and animal welfare.

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