Custom Reporting

Providing management teams with the tools they need to boost performance

What our clients say

With our Dashmap interactive dashboard, we are finally able to analyze and improve our business drivers in real time

David Farnum, ACC

The time we save and the new analytical capabilities we developed with Dashmap are game changers for us

Phil Perut, SES America

Insights we uncover

Your performance, good or bad, results from your activities: some are profit drivers and others are loss drivers. The key is to know which are which and why.

  • How is my staff performing?
  • Any opportunities I am not seeing?
  • Any risks / threats I am not seeing?
  • Are we operating efficiently?
  • Is our marketing profitable?
  • Are key customers satisfied?

How we do this

Your interactive reporting platform is custom-made based on your needs. We dive into your business model and deploy the most important drivers to track.

Reporting AUDIT

We compile goals, resources, activities and results data to identify your most important growth metrics and blind spots. We consider how these impact your performance and evaluate data sources in your audit report.

Platform BUILD

Next we build your custom performance analysis engine mapping the causal relationships of your data. This tool shows the effects of changes visually and allows for a deeper dive into granular data as needed.

Performance REVIEW

Analysis of your Dashmap shows unidentified opportunities and ineffective activities that are slowing your growth. Leverage our expertise and industry benchmarking in an ongoing review of business performance.