Grow yOur Shop

Providing local shop owners with a path to earn the profit they deserve

What our clients say

Dashmap made us refocus on a service we wanted to discontinue and our year over year sales grew by 42% in just 3 months

Sue Benzuly, Owner – Evolve Apothecary & Spa

I used to be pulled in so many directions but Dashmap put me back in control of my business to only focus on what works

Line Daems, Owner – Kreatelier

Insights we uncover

Your performance, good or bad, results from your activities: some are profit drivers and others are loss drivers. The key is to know which are which and why.

  • How does staffing impact sales?
  • How does display impact profit?
  • Which items are sold together?
  • Are my order volumes adequate?
  • Which campaigns waste money?
  • Where do customers come from?

How we do this

Your growth program is custom-made based on your needs. Unlike self service platforms, we are doing the data work so you can focus on growing your shop.


We compile goals, resources, activities and results data to identify your most important growth metrics and blind spots. We consider how these impact your shop performance and evaluate data sources in your audit report.

Growth PLAN

Next, we conduct in-depth analysis and create an action plan to reach your goals. We build performance projections and compare them against goals. You can see the impact of immediate and longer term activities.

Progress REVIEW

Monthly analysis ensures you stay on track to reach your goals. We review progress, adjust, and make contingency plans when needed. Together we pilot your initiatives to ensure the desired performance outcome.