Stock Optimizer

Fixing stockouts, dusty stock and single-item baskets to boost profit

What our clients say

I had no idea stockouts were eating 20% of my monthly profit. Dashmap grew our profit by 42% in just 3 months.

Sue Benzuly, Evolve Apothecary & Spa

Dashmap understands the day-to-day constraints of a small local shop. They get results without requiring much of my time.

Line Daems, Kreatelier

Fastest way to boost profit

Don’t know how much money you are losing to stockouts and single-item baskets? Then the Stock Optimizer is your easiest and fastest way to boost profit.

  • Reduce high-profit item stockouts
  • Free up cash tied up in dusty stock
  • Increase profit with item bundling
  • See results in weeks not months
  • Requires very little-to-no money
  • Takes almost no time to do

How we do this

We get your day-to-day reality. Unlike self service tools, we are doing the data work and delivering the insights you need to take the right action at the right time.


We compile inventory and sales data to compute the cost of stockouts, dusty stock and single-item baskets. We assess how these impact profits by forecasting item sales taking seasonality into account.

Optimizer BUILD

Next, we build your Stock Optimizer. This tool shows which items to order, when, and in which quantity to maximize profit. It also highlights items to discontinue before it’s too late and bundling opportunities.


Tracking and analysis of your inventory and sales data ensures you always know what and when to order to avoid stockouts, dusty stock and single-item baskets. You can maximize profit quickly and predictably.